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[ 14 Jun, 2007%10:38AM]

I'm living on 2nd floor Brewer this semester...just wondering who else is on my floor! Also, does anyone here know Whitney Connor? She's my roomie (went pot-luck) and she's ignoring my IMs and facebook messages completely. Didn't get a chance to meet face to face before school ended. Just wondering if she's like this normally. Thanks!


Student Loans [ 18 May, 2007%03:26PM]

Does anyone know of any websites that can explain student loans to me, kind of like a glossary of terms and how to determine which loan is best for me? Or, if you can offer any advice or personal experience with loans, that'd be great.
What should I look for in a loan?
What is consolidation, what are the dis/advantages of consolidating, when should I consolidate?

Lab Science [ 15 Apr, 2007%09:44PM]

For someone who is not very science (or math) oriented, what is the easiest lab science to take?

Many thanks in advance!

♥ Ashley

Hi! I dont know if anyone reads this anymore, but.. [ 11 Apr, 2007%12:23PM]

My name is Maegin, and Im going to Meredith college come August (woo class of '11!)
I was just wondering if there were any other freshman in here; maybe we can all talk about our hopes and fears for the upcoming challenges?

Also, upperclassmen, any suggestions for a successful first year?
Im talkin about anything, study habits, time management, really awesome classes that should be taken, how to deal with situations, etc!
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Residence Halls [ 02 Jan, 2007%10:45PM]

I've been placed in Vann Hall. (The room is a 400 number, so I'm assuming it's a 4th level room.) Good? Bad? Ugly? Wonderful?
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[ 11 Dec, 2006%10:27PM]

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who answered my numerous questions and such. I was accepted to Meredith about two weeks ago! Can't wait to be there and be a part of it all.

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[ 25 Oct, 2006%03:47PM]

Hi all :)

My name is Ashley and I am a prospective transfer to Meredith. I have lots of questions, so I hope some of you can shed a little light on things for me.

#1: I would be coming for theatre. How is the theatre department at Meredith?
#2: How do you feel about the school? What's the atmosphere like, what are the girls like, what's the food like? (Emphasis on that last one... I'm presently at Greensboro College and our food is seriously disgusting.)
#3: What's it like being at an all girl's school? I'm a little apprehensive as I've never been in that kind of atmosphere before.
#4: Are they pretty good about scholarships (for transfers particularly) and financial aid type stuff?

Thanks. I really look forward to hearing your responses. I talked to the head of the theatre dept. today and she seems extremely nice.
5 students meredith.

[ 20 Jun, 2006%11:07PM]

Im going to be  a freshmen at meredith next year!
My name is Caleigh I'm from chapel hill
im going there for fashion design

i know one person 

soooo id like to get toknow alot more here at meredith!
so add me on my lj lets be friends!

Come play laser-tag with me!! ^_^* [ 05 Jun, 2006%01:04PM]

Alright guys, it's almost here!!!

The Second Annual Laser-Tag Benefit Blast!!

I'll be taking my usual spot, standing on top of the counter shouting out who gets prizes, who gets to play next, and which team is kicking everybody else's butt!

G-105 is coming out just like last year! THEY had fun, so you should come have fun, too!

Three hours of laser-tag, all-you-can-eat pizza and snacks, and an awesome raffle -- $25 at the door! Come make our event a success; we can't do it without you!

When? Saturday, June 10th from 5pm to 8pm!
Where? Battlezone! 8311 Creedmoor Rd. 27613
Why? Proceeds support ME-3, a non-profit organization that edcuates Wake County on how to make a difference!


If you still have energy after the three-hour free-for-all (or if you can't arrive until later!) we're having a tournament from 8:30pm until midnight! We have prizes for the winning team, just like last year! Think you have what it takes to compete? Sign up!

It's $25 per person, and teams should have at least 6 people and no more than 8. If you don't have a team, you can still join, and we'll find a team for you to join!


Want to be a part of ALL OF IT? It's $40 per person for 3 hours of laser-tag, free food, the raffle, AND the tournament!!!

Come play laser-tag with me guys! ^_^* I need your help!

For more information on the LTBB or on ME-3 and helping others, check out our website: www.me-3.org We even have pictures of last year's party, so you can see all the fun you missed. :P

Laser-Tag Benefit Blast [ 06 May, 2006%01:17PM]


Come out to Battlezone June 10th and play some Laser-Tag with me and my group! If you sign up now, it's only $17.50 for three hours of laser-tag, all you can eat free food, plus an awesome raffle! OR if you think you're really up for it, you can join the tournament for $17.50 a person for a team of six!

Or... you can do both.

Either way, there's tons of free food and laser-tag! G-105 will be joining us again this year and I'll probably get to stand on the counter and use their megaphone again! w00t!

If you're interested, you can register now by going here: http://www.me-3.org/2006LaserTagBenefitBlastAbout.html

Or just contact me here on myspace! If you don't wanna register, it's $25 at the door! Come see me AND support an awesome cause -- ME-3: Promoting volunteerism, social change, and kindness in our community!


Please repost this so all your friends can hear about it, too. ^_^*

Laser-Tag Benefit Blast! [ 29 Apr, 2006%10:57PM]


Come out and play some laser-tag at Battlezone! Three hours of laser-tag, plus all the free food you can eat, and awesome raffle prizes is only $17.50 a person if you pre-register ($25 at the door) -- a special, discounted rate for this event only! Plus G-105 will be there, playing along with everyone else. Better yet, proceeds go to fund a ME-3, a non-profit organization that promotes and educates people on volunteerism, civic engagement, and solving community social issues.

Come play laser-tag with us! For more information--or to register--check out the website: http://www.me-3.org/2006LaserTagBenefitBlastAbout.html

Or email me at heather@me-3.org for more details!

Poke poke [ 22 Mar, 2006%10:31PM]

Hi there! I hope this isn't breaking any community rules or anything — didn't see anything in the info — but feel free to delete if necessary.

We have a great community going on over at womenscolleges where future, current, and former students of women's colleges, as well as their supporters, can get together and talk about women's colleges and their own schools. We would love to have some members from Meredith, since I don't think any have posted yet. Come join us! :)

Also, there's another community called campusreviews where people can write reviews about their own colleges. The idea is to get prospective students interested by giving them an inside look. I've been trying to get as many women's colleges reviewed as possible, and so far there's no review of Meredith, so if anyone wants to take a few minutes to write something up or maybe even post some pictures, that would be terrific. (And if someone beats you to it and you want to write another, please do. We like multiple viewpoints.)

Thanks so much! *back into hiding*

[ 15 Mar, 2006%04:18PM]


condoms! [ 13 Oct, 2005%10:34AM]

As you may or may not know, there's this whole issue about the lack of condoms on campus. (There's an article about it in the Herald, FYI.) I was wondering what every one's opinion was on the topic.

Should the Health Center supply condoms for free or at a discounted rate? Should they be available in the dorms? Etc, etc.
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W00t!!! [ 06 Oct, 2005%10:21PM]

[ mood | optimistic ]

Click to enlarge!

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Volunteer for Free Beer [ 13 Sep, 2005%08:28PM]

Bored? Come help out at Oysterfest this weekend on Saturday, September 17th.

G-105 and Guinness are hosting the annual Oysterfest this Saturday in the downtown Raleigh Power District. There'll be food, live bands, all the Guinness you can guzzle, and all kinds of nifty festivities!

Perks- Volunteers get free entrance to the event, free Guinness beer, and free food! There'll be live music and all kinds of cool stuff going on. So bring some friends, help out for a couple of hours, and have the rest of the evening to spend free at an awesome event.

We need volunteers to serve beer, serve food, and take tickets.

Of course, you must be over 21 to benefit from the Guinness. However, anyone 18+ can help out and still have a great time and get free food!

The event runs from 3:30pm until 11:00pm, but we have two shifts so no one has to work the whole time. ^_^*

Anyways, if you live in the Triangle area and want to help out, let me know! You can email me at wanderingvisionary@yahoo.com if you're interested and I'll hook you up with more information.


i'm moving out and need to find someone to take over my lease! [ 06 Jul, 2005%02:00AM]

[ mood | calm ]

I live in a really cute house with 2 roommates and i need to find someone to take over my lease because i'm moving back on campus for my last semester! if anyone is looking for a place to live, please let me know! :)

house info:
the house is off of new bern, 20 mins from state and meredith on the beltline
beltline exits in both directions are about 5 mins or less from the house
20 mins from triangle town center and supertarget
about 10-15 mins from capital blvd
access to 2 pools, tennis courts, fitness center, all sorts of aerobics classes and such, indoor basketball court, driving range, and golf course (complete with golf carts YES)
neighbors are friendly
we have a b&w tiled kitchen floor!
attic and under the house storage
deck and big backyard
safe neighborhood
walmart supercenter with cheap gas station is 1 min up the road (ok, maybe 2 mins)
a little green frog lives in our front yard and eats the annoying flying bugs on our front porch (his name is norman)
we haven't had ac since we moved in (yes, it's been 85-95 degrees the past month), but it's being replaced on friday so there'll be a brand new unit!

my room:
single room
share a bathroom with 1 other person
good closet space
big bay window
cable and phone

so if you need a place i'm hoping to move out by aug 9th!

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Reminder/Update [ 23 Jun, 2005%01:25PM]

Since it's been about a week since I posted about the laser tag event, just a quick reminder to interested parties: It's this weekend!

What?: Laser Tag Benefit Blast, a huge laser tag party with free food and fun raffles. Proceeds go to benefit Stand Up for Kids, an organization that helps children who live on the streets.

When?: This Saturday, June 25th starting at 5:00pm. 5pm-8pm it's $20 for three hours of laser-tag pizza, sandwiches, cake, drinks, and snacks. Then, at 8:30 we begin our tournament. Anyone can compete. It's $20 a person. Teams must have 6 players.

Where?: Battlezone, located at 8311 Creedmoor Rd. Raleigh,
NC 27613. It's in the shopping center at the intersection of Creedmoor
and Strickland. About five miles from Glenwood and Crabtree.

Who?: ME-3's Uggets, Battlezone, and Stand Up for Kids. G-105 will also be attending!

Why?: Because it's fun and it helps a good cause!

For more information check out our website: www.uggets.com or go directly to www.uggets.com/battlezone.html

Look forward to seeing everyone there. ^_^*

X-posted on a lot of local communities. Sorry. -.-; We need big crowds!

[ 14 Jun, 2005%12:05PM]

Hi everyone! I'm just trying to get the word out about a big laser tag party going on in Raleigh. There'll be a lot of laser tag and pizza and games, and it's only twenty bucks for three hours. The best part is, 50% of the proceeds go to charity!

Even if you don't want to play, they have a drop box to collect supplies for
Stand Up for Kids. ^_^* That's the group the fund-raiser is collecting for. Stand Up for Kids helps kids who live on the street.

It takes place Saturday June 25th and starts at 5:00pm. It'll be at Battlezone. G-105 should be there as well to help cover the event.

Believe me, coming from someone who plays laser tag often: Twenty bucks for three hours of laser tag plus pizza is an amazing deal.

For more information on this event, check out the website:


It should be an awesome party. Come bring a can of food. ^_^*
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[ 06 May, 2005%04:36PM]

Well, I started the new community since this one is clearly beyond repair (especially because I forgot the password!) I haven't done a new layout or made rules or ANYTHING, but I will when I return from work tonight!

Also, I'll need a co-moderator. E-mail me at theeighthnoteproject@gmail.com if you're interested!


THE NEW NAME IS... thegirlsroommc!!!

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